James Salter

Producer & Engineer, Anglophile, Carburett-a-holic

A short movie about the Kristoffer And The Harbour Heads and their second album HANDS. Written Performed and produced by: Emil, Joel And Kris Mixed and Co: Produced by James Salter Label:QQ5/ RoughTrade among others Publisher: Klangförlaget/ MistyMusic Film Edits: John Epikuremedia www.harbourside.se

Welcome to the world of Emil, Joel & Kris aka. "Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads" Their new album Hands is a great set of music. And as usual with these guys it's impossible to pin down the genre. This might be the missing link between The Walkmen, Woods, Goat and Pink Floyd.

Mixed by James Salter

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) - The Toll
Engineered by James Salter

The Raveonettes - Red Tan
Engineered by James Salter

Ode To L.A - The Raveonettes
Engineered by James Salter

Junior Senior - Can I Get Get Get
Engineered by James Salter

Homemade show by the band La Chansons, based on our life as a band, a married couple, and our songs. featuring the song Candy Bar Man, by La Chansons. Song produced by James Salter. 2009